I'm happy to undertake commissioned artworks and all you need to do is supply a photograph and the details of your requirements.  Below you'll see a sample of commissions undertaken.  

The pricing for a commissioned artwork is based on a number of factors:

  • The number of subjects in the painting
  • The size of the painting
  • The intricacy of clothing and other details
  • The complexity of the background
  • Any special requests, such as omitting, adding or changing elements

To commission a portrait or for details of pricing, please click here.  

I also enjoy painting custom pet portraits, which make great gifts for any animal lover, and are a special way to treasure your furry friend.  To commission a pet portrait or for details of pricing, please click here.  For all other commissions, please telephone 07757 350086, email or use the contact form to request further details or discuss your requirements.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Previous commission projects

Customer photograph 1


The customer wanted this image painted in black and white with a red accent

Customer photograph 2


The customer also wanted the bouquet to be raised in the painting, to give it more prominence

Completed painting


This was the final commission, which also accommodated the customer's request for a warmer red to be used in the bouquet

Customer photograph


Beautiful Harvey, chilling in his favourite chair

Pet portrait


Completed painting of Harvey